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/Italian Cafe

Italian Classic

Italian Classic is the exclusive build whereby we automate the roof to go up automatically allowing you to simply climb in once it opened up. 

Italian Original 

Italian Original has a manual roof using gas struts to assist with the lifting of the roof

Italian Gullwing

A mock up of the vehicle and how the construction comes together.

Italian Gullwing is a new style for a more open fee. 

Italian style includes the following:

- Counter space 

- Storage space.

- A sink and tap, the pump needs to be purchased separately. We use the same pump that works with the coffee machine.

- A standard light fitting, 3 fittings. 

- Small step to climb in

-We use a combination of wood and aluminium for the fitting process.  You will receive a 3-d drawing of the vehicle to sign off on the counter configuration as well as the material used.



images always depict more than words

Branding sells your product for you so choose wisely and really take your time ..

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