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  • Do you have any food trucks for sale?
    We work mostly with custom built food trucks projects, ie. you can bring your own truck or we can source you one (T's and C's apply) however we also have preowned catering trucks available.
  • How do I order a Food Truck?
    You contact us via email and provide us with as much detail about your product as possible. There is a contact form you can completed under Contacts page. There after we will communicate via e mail and telephone to insure that we understand your requirements look and feel and that you are comfortable with, what we will be building for you and the cost involved. Once we have come to an agreement of your food truck specification and a purchase agreement has been concluded, we will require deposit in order to allocate a vehicle to your project and place the order in our production queue. You are more than welcome to visit us at our factory once an appointment has been confirmed
  • Can I supply the vehicle?
    We have a large stock of sourced vintage and classic trucks, so you do not need to supply the truck, however you are welcome to provide your own van if you wish. These however do not come with a warranty but we do provide you with a roadworthy certificate. We are registered dealers with most manufacturers and can provide a new vehicle of your choice at a very competitive price and the warranty will then be covered by the the vehicle dealers motor plan.
  • Do I come up with the food truck layout and design?
    As professional food truck builders we use our experitse and experience to create your perfect food truck. You are welcome to choose your colour and specifications from a previous build or image.
  • Do I have to visit Street Food Trucks to order a food truck?
    Although we will be happy to host you at our factory it is not necessary. You will receive renders and images of your build so the ordering process can be dealt with via email and/or telephone for your convenience. We cater for a global market and therefore clients are not always able to visit.
  • What does the price of your Food Trucks include?
    The price quoted will include the vintage and/or new food trucks and the layout we will recommend to choose from. Our layouts include French style, Italian Style, Oyster box, Gullwing, High roof. We offer a wide range of product based packages and equipment all based on your project guideline and menu. When you contact us by email, we will send you a detailed price list of our products and packages based on your brief and detailed project information.
  • How long will it take to build the food truck?
    Depending on the scope of your project and truck required as well as our existing production queue it will take from 3-6 months, starting from receipt of the deposit. When it comes to vintage trucks with the warranty of providing you with a roadworthy certitcate the delivery time can depend on the passing of the roadworthy test.
  • Could I save money if I supply the vehicle?
    You can supply your own vehicle. You will only be quoted on the conversion part of the truck and/or equipment.
  • What do Street Food Trucks do during a rebuild?
    If we supply the vehicle depending on the state of the engine, we endeavour to restore the engine to a driving condition prior to taking it for roadworthy through an AA accredited dealer. The engine can be replaced with a brand new out the box at an additional cost, please request this during your enquiry.
  • How does the servicing for the classic trucks work how easy is it to get parts for them?
    Servicing can be done by most mechanic shops. The diesels motors to be serviced by a specialized diesel mechanic. New parts are freely available from Autozone, Masterparts, Goldwagen, Diesel Electric and Midas. The are some secondhand dealers that can assist should the above suppliers not be able to assist. Some parts get custom made. We will be happy to assist should a part be required.
  • Are the vintage trucks reliable?
    A vintage truck makes a great food truck and although we do take utmost care in the initial restoring.. Being an old mechanically desinged truck, may result in unreliable finctions from time to time as was common during the era that these trucks were manufactured. Hence the option of a new substiture engine.
  • Can i supply my own catering equipment?
    Yes, there are some limitations to what works in specific food trucks but we will advise what will be possible. There will be an installation fee charged should you prefer to provide your own equipment. The warranty to be held by the client.
  • Are Street Food Trucks vintage vehicles performance-enhanced?
    Our vintage trucks are of standard performance of the original spec of the motor. Therefore there will not be power steering or modern technology. We can provide modifications at an extra cost, alternatively these can be done once you have taken ownership of the vehicle.
  • Can I see how you are getting on with my truck during the rebuild?
    Pictures are available on an email request. The building gets done in phases and we will try our best to assist. We will provide you with updated pictures from the start to the finish for your marketing material.
  • Are Vintage Food Trucks road legal?
    Our vans are built to European and South African road legal standards. They are all supplied with appropriate original registration documentation and a roadworthy certitcate.
  • Can Street Food Trucks deliver anywhere in the world?
    Although we do not undertake transportation, we will assist you in finding the right transportation mode and company. With our extensive network we can suggest different transport agencies that we have worked with over the years, which are familiar with the product and procedure of this transportation to ensure you benefit from the best possible rates.
  • Can I pay cash on delivery?
    Your food truck must be paid for in full before we release it from our premises. All vans remain the property of Street Food Trucks until paid for in full.
  • How do I pay for my Food Truck?
    We only accept EFT bank transfers.
  • How much does a bespoke Food Truck cost?
    Prices vary depending on the model, size and specifications required. Please call or email us to discuss pricing. Our entry model truck starts at R129 000.00.
  • Can I visit Street Food Trucks Showroom?
    Yes, you can, but we are very busy, so visits are by appointment only please.
  • I am thinking of converting an old van myself, can you give me any advice?"
    As a business we have our own tricks and way of working, so we cannot share our trade secrets or give personal advises for non-customers.
  • Can Street Food Trucks sell parts for me to carry out my own conversion?
    Due to exclusivity of our Stock and vans we prefer to reserve parts to our existing clients only.
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