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Gas pizza Oven

August 01, 2016

This gas pizza oven can make 3 pizzas at one time. That can get you to an average of 300 pizzas on an eight hour day.


-The biggest advantage is it has an even consistent heat all the time.

-It is considerably more convenient when it comes to packing up and leaving without the nuisance of the ash and hot coals.

-No added weight factor for wood as well as where to store it.

-Your start up time to start selling your first pizza is a lot quicker than a wood fire.


A certified gas installation is done on the Piaggio to hold two gas bottles. 

It is extremely convenient when one 



Wood Burning Pizza Oven

August 01, 2016

These wood burning pizza ovens are constructed from a specially developed volcanic rock and refractories which is entirely non-toxic. They can handle 3 pizzas at a time and the heat is easily regulated.


We contruct a wood compartment for easy storage and driving.


The oven comes with :

  • Stainless steel paddle

  • Open mesh door

  • 500mm section of chimney for extraction

  • Operating instructions and a dough recipe


Gas Anvil Oven

August 01, 2016

This  Anvil gas oven can be cladded to give it the look of a normal pizza oven by simply disguising the actual oven behind some branded steel panels with sufficient ventilation.

At the end of the day it is the taste that makesthe difference, a taster goes a long way.


It takes 4 standard pizza s at one time.


Some of it's features:

. Robust construction with Stainless Steel facia panel and door
. Max temperature 300°C
. Unique burner design for even temperature distribution
. Glass viewing window
. Top and bottom burners independently controlled
. Interior light



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