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We've done it!!

Introducing our truly unique and stunning food truck trailer, inspired by the iconic VW Kombi Splittie.

Driven by a desire to break free from the mundane, boxy food trailer designs, we set out to create an affordable, eye-catching alternative. Our new trailer offers aspiring food truck entrepreneurs a stylish entry into the market, combining budget-friendliness with the charm and popularity of the classic German Splittie Kombi, one of the most beloved and exotic vehicles to ever grace the streets.

We offer two sizes and two roof styles for the replica Kombi Trailer:


- **Barcelona**: 4200 mm long, 1700 mm wide
- **Lisbon**: 2200 mm long, 1700 mm wide


**Roof Styles:**
- **Oyster Lift Roof**: Front opening with adjustable heights
- **Original German Bus High Roof**: 2000 mm high



These replica trailers can be customized in the color of your choice.


Standard features include:
- Pop-up service counter
- Back loading dock for gas and water
- Stabilisers for stability
- Sink, tap, and plumbing (excluding pump)
- Electrical transfer box with plugs, lights, fittings, and an external plug-in
- Interior working tables, cupboards, display shelving, and drawers for storage
- Finishes available in wood, stainless steel counters, and aluminium
- Customized layouts available

All trailers come with license papers and are registered to be on the road.

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